The SDA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded only by members, for members. The SDA is not a government department, nor is it run by the Company. The SDA is registered under the Commonwealth Fair Work Act 2009. It is governed by the rules of the Association and our audited accounts are published annually and sent to all members.
SDA fees are modest and charged weekly through your pay. Fees are deducted according to the hours that you work.
Up to 10 hours per week $3.95*
10-20 hours per week $6.80*
20 hours or more a week $9.50*
If you work no hours in any particular week, you do not pay fees for that week.
Yes. Your Union fees are 100% claimable. If you need to file a tax return, you can claim the cost of your fees as a deduction.
Once you conclude your employment, your SDA fees automatically cease.
No. That’s why it’s so important that members contact the SDA when they change jobs. It would be terrible if a problem arises in your new workplace and you do not have the protection of the SDA.
Your membership should continue on, however sometimes this doesn’t happen so we advise you to check your payslip to make sure you are still paying union dues. If your membership stops, this could cause problems later should you require our help.
Yes, in fact we strongly recommend you continue your membership. Everyone has the right to be in a union and we can help you even when you are no longer under the workplace agreement.
If you join the SDA then change your mind or later you decide you don’t want to be a member, you can resign in writing to us.