The Shop Distributive and Allied Employee’s Association (SDA) has a membership of over 240,000 throughout Australia with over 6,000 members from Tasmania alone. The majority of our membership is via the retail and fast food outlets. However there are three other divisions to the SDA – Modelling, Hairdressing and Beauty.

The Beauty industry in general can be a very challenging one in many ways. Working in a salon can be stressfull and demanding and some salons can be rife with bullying and unfair treatment to their employees. Regular breaks are virtually impossible to arrange and maintain and many other conditions and entitlements slip by the wayside.

Different cultures also form and are not necessarily legal or acceptable.

That’s where we can help!

The SDA can provide you with information on correct entitlements and conditions of employment.

As a member of the SDA you never go to work alone.

Please contact us if you require any further information or assistance.