It doesn’t cost it pays to belong

Every worker has the right to join a union. Union membership is important for all workers, especially young workers. It is against the law for an employer to stop you from joining a union. Becoming a member of the SDA is simple, just submit an application online or contact the SDA to request an application form.

Talk to your SDA representative to arrange the most suitable option

Current Fees

20 Hours +

  • Working 20 hours or more per week

10 to 20 Hours

  • Working between 10 and 20 hours per week

Under 10 Hours

  • Working less than 10 hours per week

The amount you pay weekly could be less than a coffee or a burger!

Remember - your union fees are tax deductible!

As a not for profit organisation, SDA contributions are tax deductible. If you earn over the tax-free threshold you can claim your SDA contributions on your Tax return.

Membership Enquiry Form

Fill out the membership enquiry form below and/or contact your Delegate/SDA Organiser for a SDA Membership form.
    Any help given by the SDA cannot pre-date my membership and that while the union can still offer me advice, it cannot assist me with pre-existing problems.