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SDA Tasmania Frequent Values™

SDA Tasmania in conjunction with Frequent Values™ provides you with an extensive range of offers for dining and leisure throughout Australia and New Zealand. As an SDA Tasmania Frequent Values™ member, enjoy thousands of exciting offers including dining, takeaway, hotels, attractions, groceries and much more across Australia and New Zealand.
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Discounts & Services

The SDA negotiates every wage rise you receive as well as…

  • Your Paid Carers leave, Sick Leave, Annual Leave and Penalty Rates
  • You get FREE LEGAL ADVICE and representation from SDA’s legal team
  • WorkCover representation
  • Workplace Health & Safety Services
  • Accident insurance
  • Free counselling

SDA membership gives you exclusive discounts and services

  • A Frequent Values&#8482 discount card
  • Free Tastalk Magazine
  • Discount Movie Tickets
  • $120 Education Scholarships
  • Great competitions