If you are under 18, you should know…


All new SDA members have a two week cooling off period once you have joined the SDA.

If you are under 18, read this information and discuss it with your parents. If you or your parents have any queries you can call us, we’re happy to hear from you!

It’s a sad fact: young people are more vulnerable at work and are almost twice as likely to be injured at work as adults.

The SDA protects young workers – we make sure you get paid correctly and get regular pay rises.

A member can leave the SDA at any time – there are no withdrawal fees.

Important notice to Parents and Gaurdians

Your son or daughter may have been approached at an induction in their workplace and invited to join the SDA. We realise that as a parent or guardian, you may wish to have input in these important decisions. When a young adult signs their membership card, we ensure that the union representative provides them with a letter addressed to you. We then provide a 2 week cooling off period before their membership commences to enable you to discuss any concerns you may have or to seek further information or assistance from us. Please feel free to give us a call, to a degree, we will be taking over your role of their protection, in the workplace.